Costa Rican Guided Tours allow you to explore and enjoy Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

Our guides are what make Green Frog Adventures great. All of our guides are bilingual and well educated. Because the guides are either from the U.S. or have lived there, they understand the level of customer service that Americans have come to expect.

You’ll delight in an exotic wonderland as your guide leads you through one tropical paradise after another. Your guide will teach you to “tread lightly” so that those who follow will experience the same wonderment you enjoyed. And, as always, safety first, your guide is also an expert in what to avoid in the wilderness.

All of our guides are experts in not only Spanish but also in the Costa Rican culture. We live here and we want to show you the real Costa Rica that we know and love. To accomplish this, we get you out of the capital, San Jose, as fast as possible. We typically avoid the U.S. style resort casinos in favor of a more natural setting. Now, even though our hotels are located in more rustic settings, they are impeccably clean and safe. We try to patronize Costa Rican owned businesses. We try to mix in with the locals in a way that, hopefully, will leave both groups feeling as though they’ve gained something from the experience. We try hard not to be the ‘typical gringos’.

All of our guides are certified experts in all adventure activities. Simply put, we use the best people and the best equipment on the market. All adventure activities have overlapping safety features. For example, if the Pacuare River is running high and it’s raining, WE DON’T GO. We will have our whitewater adventure on another river, but will always have a safety kayaker following along with us watching every rapid. This is the standard to which we run all of our adventure activities. Our experience and sound judgment are our best assets in keeping you safe.