Looking to experience one of our Costa Rica nature vacations? With over over 26 percent of protected land throughout the nation, 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves, animal refuges, and protected areas, you’ll have the ultimate nature vacation!

With our Costa Rica nature vacation packages, you can acquaint yourself with Corcovado, the most bio-diverse ecosystem on the planet. Or visit Tortuguero to see a 1,000-pound female Leatherback Sea Turtle depositing her eggs on a beautiful tropical beach. If these places and events don’t satisfy your nature-loving soul, we also have guided nature hikes where you could quite possibly see a sloth! And if it you need a break there’s always the Arenal Volcano and Thermal Hotsprings Resort where you can soak your weary bones in one of the steaming thermal pools at the resort located at the base of the volcano.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget your camera. It’s very possible you will photograph more birds on a single trip than exist on most continents!

To truly experience all of Costa Rica’s unique and amazing ecosystems browse through our our nature based vacation packages below.

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