When traveling to Costa Rica, it is best to arrive prepared. Below is some travel information for your trip to Costa Rica.


We recommend either a backpack or a duffle bag as your luggage. These types of bags are easier to transport and are less likely to become damaged during the course of your trip.


Try to pack clothes that are lightweight, light colored, and quick drying. Shirts can be short sleeved for a cooler effect or long sleeved for protection against the sun and bugs. Bring a couple of each. Bring a few pairs of shorts. We recommend one pair of light pants for activities such as horseback riding. Although we’re in the tropics, in does get chilly in the mountains, so bring a light, quick drying jacket, fleece is a good choice. Lastly, the all-important bathing suit-you’ll be living in it, so bring a reliable favorite. Ladies will want to bring an athletic suit in addition to your sun bathing version.


Sturdy athletic sandals are a must. We recommend either Teva, Chaco, or Keen brands. Something with toe protection is ideal. We also recommend a rugged, but comfortable athletic closed toe shoe for our more aggressive activities. Don’t bring heavy-duty hiking boots unless your itinerary includes long treks. Heavy-duty hiking boots are just that, heavy. They also take days to dry in the tropics.


Laundry service is available at the majority of our hotels. However, don’t depend on it day to day.


Must bring

  • Personal medication
  • Sun block (water and sweat proof)
  • Insect repellent
  • After bite lotion
  • Flashlight or headlamp

Strongly recommended

  • Sun hat
  • Karokies (a cord for keeping your glasses tied on)
  • Spanish / English dictionary (small)
  • Sun glasses
  • Water bottle
  • Binoculars (small)

Women Travelers

  • Your preferred brand of all feminine products (may not be available in Costa Rica)
  • Costa Rica is full of exotic, quaint restaurants. If you want to dress up your evening, (which the ladies of Costa Rica often do) bring some comfortable, casual attire to spice up those sandals you’ve been living in.