Things To Do in Costa Rica

These are so many things to do in Costa Rica that your biggest problem will be deciding what NOT to do!

We’ve compiled a list of what we book for our clients. If you don’t see what you want, then contact us and we’ll work with you to design a custom itineary that fits your needs and wants, or cruise through one of our Costa Rica Vacation Packages – perhaps your perfect itinerary awaits you there.

Whitewater Activities

  • Overnight Pacuare River Trip – Costa Rica’s best multi-day adventure
  • Pejivalle Duckies – Exploring your adventureous side with your own boat
  • Whitewater Kayak Camp – Learn to kayak in warm water
  • Rafting – Costa Rica is the whitewater rafting capital of Central America.
  • Kayaking – Great whitewater runs from easy (class II) to extreme (class V)
  • Duckies (Inflatable Kayaks) – A great way to enjoy whitewater

Costa Rican Rivers

  • Rio Pacuare – One of the top five rivers in the world and the gem of CostaRica
  • Rio Pejivalle – Our favorite Costa Rican River
  • Rio Reventazon – Not for the weak of heart or stomach
  • Rio Sarapiqui – Easy, medium or hard whitewater plus wildlife

Rainforest Activities

  • Canyoning – Exploring canyons and waterfalls with rockclimbing equipment
  • Canopy Tour – Using zip lines, this adrenaline activity puts you high up in the trees
  • Hanging Bridges – Traverse through and over the rain forest using suspenion bridges
  • Horseback Riding – Explore the rainforest on the back of strong horse
  • Waterfall Hikes – Beautiful displays of the country’s topography with water andgravity
  • Caving – Exploring Costa Rica’s geology from the inside with Spelunking
  • Volcano Exploration – From active to dormant these geographic giants are amazing
  • Mountain Biking – Adrenaline rush to mellow ride, you have lots of choices for fun

Beach and Ocean Activities

  • Beach Lounging – Mellow to active its all fun in the sun and sand
  • Deep Sea Fishing – Some of the worlds best and most tastey are caught here
  • Snorkeling – Warm water teaming with life makes this undewater adventure great
  • Scuba Diving – An up and coming hotspot for the sport is in Costa Rica
  • Sea Kayaking – Take charge of your own boat to explore the coast
  • Sailing – Seeing and enjoying Costa Rica’s beauty from the ocean
  • Surf Lessons – Never tried to seasoned pro we have the prefect break for you

Nature Activities

  • Bird Watching – Over 800 species make Costa Rica home, come see our favorites
  • Turtle Watching – Watch the sea turtles lay eggs or eggs hatching
  • Serpentarium (Reptile House) – A controlled environment is the best way to see Costa Rica’s snakes
  • Wildlife Float – Enjoy Costa Rica’s flora and fauna from a different view
  • Exploring Manual Antonio National Park – A must see place of Costa Rica