Depending on you and your family, a day of beach lounging on one of Costa Rica’s Beaches can be an adventure, or a day of letting the mind and body relax between all your other adventure travel activities. The tropical weather is warm and sunny and the ocean water is perfect, ranging between 74 to 84 degrees, so this allows a lot of options and opportunities.

For those that don’t want a break in the adventures there are many to be had. For those that want to surf the waves, it is easy to rent a surfboard and get info about the local sweet spots. Body surfing is also a great way to enjoy the warm ocean waves. Watching the tropical fish and other sea critters is a ton of fun and snorkeling is easily accomplished and enjoyable near the shore. Exploring the tide pools at
the corners of the beaches is also a lot of fun.

For a more relaxing day on the beach there is nothing wrong with hanging out to soak up some rays and work on your suntan. A walk or searching for seashells along the beach or perusing the local vendors is a great way to enjoy some mellow time. Your hotel probably even has a hammock to better help you enjoy your time there.

Early morning is the perfect time to kick off your shoes and take a stroll down the beach. Although first light is round 5:30 to 6am, the sunrise over the jungle is beautiful. It is also the time where you can watch the local fisherman launch their boats to fish the ocean. If you watch the swells carefully you can sometimes see the Manta Rays jump into the air as they play and eat, fish swim inside the waves with their mouths open or the sea birds glide low over the ocean in formation looking for breakfast.

A sunset walk around 5:30 pm is the perfect start to a romantic evening. Here in the tropics the sun sets fast so be ready for it. The last few minutes as the sun sets behind the waves are a beautiful to observe your surroundings as the area is lit with rich colors you don’t normally get during the day.

The beaches in Costa Rica range from fine white sand from broken shells and reefs to small gravel beaches to black volcanic sand, and typically all this within in just a few miles of each other.

Beaches along the Pacific Ocean get a lot of sun and sometimes some clouds in the afternoon making them ideal for those who want to show some color with a sun tan before they head home and who don’t mind the heat. The beaches along the Caribbean are usually a bit less traveled but the weather on the Caribbean is always changing.

Not having a plan for your day on the beach is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. But whatever you to do with your day of beach lounging make sure you wear sunscreen and thoroughly enjoy yourself!