Sailing Costa Rica, whether an all day excursion, or for just the evening’s sunset, is an experience that will always be a part of your Costa Rica memories.

Seeing Costa Rica from the ocean is another great way to appreciate its splendor and beauty, its also another of our favorite activities for our custom adventure vacations. Sailing in the Pacific Ocean, whether for an all day excursion or for just the evening’s sunset, is an experience that will always be an integral part of your Costa Rica memories.

For those that enjoy time out on a boat, we can spend the majority of the day under wind power making our way along the coast, exploring the islands and remote beaches of Costa Rica’s northern coast. The Captain and First Mate are ready for everything with lunch, snacks and drinks ready as well as snorkeling gear for anyone looking to see the ocean from another perspective.

The 38-foot boat also has ample room to stretch out and enjoy the warm Costa Rican sun. The adventurous can brave any swells from the bow while the more mellow members of your party can enjoy the comforts of the cabin, where it is completely dry.

If you’re not much of a sailor but looking for the perfect way to end an afternoon, the sunset cruise is the ideal choice, especially for anyone romantically involved. Costa Rican sunset are beautiful but even more so from the bow of a sailboat gently making its way through the rocking seas off the Pacific Coast. Drinks are served from the moment you board and multiple rounds of hors d’oeuvre make their way after the boat is under sail.

After the giant golden orb of the sun has sunk the stars make an enjoyable distraction as the boat makes its way back into the bay where you’re whisked back to the beach to enjoy your evening however you would like.

Whether you have sea legs or are a landlubber, sailing is an adventure that is suitable for all ages and levels of adventure.