Sea Kayaking Costa Rica is an adventure by itself. But, when you add that to taking your sea kayak out into the Pacific Ocean, to explore remote beaches and islands in Costa Rica, for your family adventure vacation, it will be something you will never forget. Sea kayaking is one of the activities that most everyone that comes to Costa Rica with us participates in and thoroughly enjoys.

Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of taking control of your own boat with just a kayak paddle or tranquility of skimming across beautiful multicolored water we can assure you that it will be a ton of fun.

Team up with a family member or friend and the challenge is even more fun. You have to coordinate strokes to avoid hitting each other’s paddle and make sure you compensate for when one person leans too much to one side but we are sure you’ll be laughing the whole time, in your boat or not.

Making it onto the beach will probably be your greatest challenge as the swells turn to waves when land comes near but whether you swim in or paddle in your reward will be a warm sand on a beautiful beach, tropical fruit to munch on and cold water to help quench your thirst of adventure Enjoy the sun or continue to explore on foot, with mask and snorkel or in your trusty sea kayak.

If you have had your fix for adrenaline for the day your welcome to hop back into the powerboat and get shuttled back to town. However you decide to get back there will be a hot lunch with cold beer from our favorite seafood spot waiting for you.