The Costa Rican rain forest is an incredibly lush and diverse paradise and there is no better way to experience this ecological treasure than on a Canopy Tour. Costa Rican rain forests consist of several layers of vegetation, all containing their own unique ecosystems. Soaring high above the rest of the forest are the massive canopy trees and that is where we are going to be spending our day! You’ll see dozens of crazy creatures and hundreds of strange exotic plants that spend their entire lives up here amongst the clouds. Many of Costa Ricas 1300 species of orchids can only be found at these heights!

A typical Canopy Tour with Green Frog Adventures begins with an exciting horseback A cable or ‘zip-line’ runs from our hilltop to a platform located at the top of a distant canopy tree. So clip in and zoom down at heart stopping speeds or apply the break for a more leisurely descent. We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon zipping along from tree to tree and enjoying a perfect combination of adrenaline and nature ride deep into the surrounding jungle. The ride will include river crossings, brisk trots down jungle paths and ample opportunity to observe the forest’s exotic plants and animals. We’ll eventually arrive at our destination, an isolated hilltop that offers a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding jungle. At this point, we’ll trade our horses for a slightly less conventional mode of transportation! I hope you’re not afraid of heights because we’re headed up, way up, into the canopy.