Horseback Riding Costa Rica!

Be it the beautiful white sand beaches, the pristine rain forests or the rugged mountain passes, some folks just prefer to see it by Horseback Riding! Costa Rica enjoys a rich equestrian heritage dating back to Colonial times. The Vaquero, or Spanish cowboy, is still a common sight throughout rural Costa Rica.

Green Frog Adventures offers a multitude of exciting rides in all of Costa Rica’s many diverse ecosystems and there’s no better way of experiencing Costa Rica’s flora and fauna than from the saddle. We offer everything from half-day nature rides to multi-day excursions that traverse the country. We cater to all ability levels – from the fledgling rider to those of you, like us, believe that horseback riding is about the closes thing to nirvana we humans can attain!

A word about our horses…Green Frog Adventures completely avoids the touristy rent-and-ride stables. We simply feel that this turn-style approach leads to mistreatment of the horses and a poor riding experience for our clients. Instead, we go directly to the local rancheros who respect, care for and love their horses. Consequently, these horses are healthy, spirited, well trained and happy and the love to be ridden!

Costa Rican horses come in all shapes and sizes and we pride ourselves on the quality of our mounts. A good portion of every ride is taking the time to Match our horses to our client’s unique style and ability levels. You be 100% satisfied with you horse before we start the ride. Horseback riding with Green Frog Adventures is an unforgettable experience and always a client favorite.