Mountain Biking in Costa Rica is definitely an adventure. No matter what your experience or preference there is some fun to be had on a mountain bike. Whether you would prefer 4×4 tracks, horse trails and foot paths or rarely used roads with mellow declines surrounded by magnificent views of mountains and volcanoes or even rides along the beach Green Frog Adventures would be happy to make it happen during your Costa Rica adventure vacation.

Costa Rica is full of steep, narrow and winding roads and trails that can push your adrenaline levels out of their comfort zone. Making the choice between mountain biking among the high peaks and volcanoes, through river valleys or through coffee plantations next to waterfalls will be a hard one but if your endurance allows it we can try for all three. The range of options and terrain makes mountain biking in Costa Rica great.

If you prefer to use mountain biking as a medium to see and experience some of the unique aspects of the country we can happily accommodate that as well. There is nothing wrong with being dropped off on top of the steeps so that you can concentrate on enjoying the surroundings instead of keeping your bike upright. Some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful rain forests can best be enjoyed with the help of a mountain bike.

Your biking adventure will have an experienced guide with you on the trail or road to steer your attention towards anything and everything that makes mountain biking in Costa Rica such a unique experience during your adventure vacation. Also, no matter how hard you want to push yourself, family or friends you will always have a support vehicle with first aide, water, high-energy snacks and air conditioning at your call.