Costa Rica snakes boast over 100 different species (more then 7.5% of the worlds snake fauna) and only 17 of them are venomous and considered dangerous. Seeing some of these exotic reptiles in a controlled environment (a serpentarium/reptile house) is a great educational and adventurous activity while you are in Costa Rica.

A visit to one of the countries many serpentariums gives the curious a chance to observe these beautiful snakes inside cages. Some snakes can even be taken out and held under supervision while others are taken out and held with specialized rods as the bilingual naturalist explains the characteristics of some of the more interesting snakes of Costa Rica.

Most likely you will find blunt headed tree snakes, vine snakes, mussurana, boa constrictors (up to 18 feet), coral snakes and vipers in the serpentarium. Some of the most feared snakes in Costa Rica include the Fer-De-Lance and the Bush Master will also be on display and hopefully the first and only time you see one.