The Pejivalle River (Rio Pejivalle or even sometimes spelled Pejibaye), pronounced “Pay-E-Baa-He”, is one of our favorite rivers in all of Costa Rica. This smaller volume river is located outside the town Turrialba and is a tributary to the Reventazon River. The river offers a good time for the beginner or early intermediate river runner with numerous class II and II+ rapids and a single III- rapid set in a breathtaking jungle river canyon.


Due to easy access to the river and its close proximity to Turrialba Green Frog Adventures uses the Pejivalle River for many activities for our whitewater enthused clients.

Set in a stunning location, a large pool created by a massive boulder, is the ideal location to learn how to roll a kayak. With the help of patient and knowledgeable instructors, the warm water and lack of current, this spot is the perfect area to learn all the steps necessary to roll a tipped over kayak back upright. For taking a brake or to learn from watching at a distance the beach next to the pool is a perfect spot to rest, observe and soak up some rays.

Because of the easier rapids, the Rio Pejivalle is also a great river to learn how to kayak after the kayak roll is learned. You can follow your guides, who are also in kayaks, as they show you the routes to take to avoid the big waves and holes and help you practice your
‘Eddy Turns’. If you do get flipped upside down and don’t quite get your roll the Pejivalle River is also perfect place to practice your swimming.

For those that don’t have the time or desire to learn how to kayak in a hard-shell boat but want the freedom associated with it, the inflatable kayak is the perfect answer. With a good safety talk and a little courage a non-experienced client can hop in an inflatable kayak (sometimes called ‘River Duckies’) and have the time of their lives making their way down the river by themselves or with a partner.

The Pejivalle River is also a great river for a family who wants to experience whitewater but doesn’t want the stress associated with running the big rapids. Our guided paddle raft is the perfect size to fit through some of the tight channels found on the Pejivalle River. Paddle rafting is also the ideal method to learn to work as a team to overcome obstacles.